Great Egret
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Dimensions:34"H x44"W x32"D

approx 110 lbs

As David Pleydell-Bouverie told the story, he was trying to decide what to do with his 400 acre ranch. He had no children or partners, everyone he cared about was taken care of and he wondered what his legacy would be. He was sitting outside his back door at a table looking out over his garden and pool. He was amazed to see a Great Egret flying slowly towards him and even more amazed whe the huge bird landed on the other end of the table from him and fixed him with a fearless stare. It sat there for a few minutes then took off and flew off the same direction it had come. David took it as a sign and dedicated his land to protection of wildness and the proliferation of information about it young people. The Great Egret became his symbol.

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